Established in 1874, the University of Adelaide is a public university, which is known to be the 3rd oldest university in Australia. It is located in Adelaide, South Australia. In 1876, the university offered its first degree, Bachelor of Arts.

The university comprises of 5 campuses with the North Terrace being the main campus. It is surrounded by the Art Gallery of South Australia. The campus landscape is inundated with green beautiful foliage. Bonython Hall, which is a famous historic building, is located on the campus along with the Elder Hall, Mitchell Building, Ligertwood building, and Napier Building. All five campuses are situated close to restaurants and cafes, medical stores and many other shops that provide basic necessities to the students. Also, the North Terrace campus includes accommodation for the students as well as faculty members. The campus also comprises of the famous Barr Smith Library.

The academic curriculum of the university is categorized into 5 faculties, namely the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Mathematics, Faculty of Professions and Faculty of Sciences. These faculties include various schools that give students the opportunity to choose among the wide list of subjects according to their field of interest.

The list includes School of Civil Engineering, School of Mining Engineering, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, School of Architecture, School of Music and School of Physical Sciences. The university offers undergraduate degree programs, postgraduate degree programs and specialized degree programs.



Adelaide Scholarships International are available in  three scholarship rounds to outstanding international applicants from any country who have a First Class Honours result or equivalent, to support their study towards a Higher Degree by Research. Awards are available in all Discipline areas.

The selection and ranking of applicants within the University of Adelaide is undertaken by the Adelaide Graduate Scholarships Committee, using the criteria of academic merit and research potential.

These scholarships cover tuition fees for a two year Masters degree by research and three years for a doctoral research degree. An extension is possible for doctoral programs only.

Generally applicants who succeeded in winning an ASI scholarship have completed a Masters degree including a significant research component and have several publications and relevant work and research experience.

Please Note: The scholarship cannot cover student visa application fees.



This scholarship entails an annual living allowance totaling 27,596 USD for two years for a Masters degree by Research and three years for a Doctoral research degree. Extensions are only possible for doctoral programs.

Compulsory standard Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Worldcare policy for the student and their spouse and dependents (where applicable) is provided by the Adelaide Scholarships International for Student Visa holders, for the standard duration of the student visa. This does not cover the additional six months extended student visa period post thesis submission. Where the award holder does not hold a subclass 500 visa, then he/she is responsible for the cost of health insurance.



The underlisted terms serve as the selection criteria and eligibility requirements for consideration/selection as a recipient of the Adelaide Scholarships International, viz:

  • Those undertaking research via remote candidature are ineligible. The Masters degree program being applied for should be undertaken at any of the University of Adelaide campuses. Remote/proxy applications/candidature are not
  • The offer of a scholarship is contingent upon a student not being offered another award by the Commonwealth of Australia, the University of Adelaide, or an overseas sponsor. The University reserves the right to withdraw an offer of a scholarship at any time prior to enrolment if it is advised that an awardee has been offered a scholarship equal to or in excess of the financial value of the award offered by the University.
  • Scholarships will be awarded on academic merit and research potential. Extra-curricular achievements are not
  • Scholarships holders must commence study at the University of Adelaide in the semester the scholarship is offered.
  • International applicants who have not provided evidence of their meeting the minimum English language proficiency requirements for direct entry by the scholarship closing date, or who have completed a Pre-Enrolment English Program to meet the entry requirements for the intended program of study, are not eligible.
  • International applicants must not hold a research qualification regarded by the University of Adelaide to be equivalent to an Australian Research Doctorate degree or, if undertaking a Research Masters degree, not hold a research qualification regarded by the University of Adelaide to be equivalent to or higher than an Australian Research Masters degree.
  • International applicants are not eligible if they have already commenced the degree for which they are seeking an award, unless they can establish that they were unable to apply in the previous round.
  • In order to be eligible applicants are required to have successfully completed at least the equivalent of an Australian First Class Honours degree (this is a four year degree with a major research project in the final year). All qualifying programs of study must be successfully completed.
  • Citizens and Permanent Residents of Australia, and citizens of New Zealand are ineligible.
  • Candidates who have applied for Australian permanent resident status can apply for ASI scholarships.
  • Candidates are required to enroll in the University of Adelaide as ‘international students’ and must maintain ‘international student’ status for the duration of their enrolment in the University.
  • Applicants who applied and were eligible for consideration in an international scholarship round, and were unsuccessful, will automatically be reconsidered in the following international scholarship round, assuming they hold a valid offer of candidature for that intake. An applicant who has been considered in 2 rounds cannot be reconsidered in any future scholarship rounds.



To apply please submit a formal application for Admission and a Scholarship via our online application system. There is no application fee. The online application system can be accessed via the web address here:

International Admission and Research Scholarship Application Rounds can be accessed here:

Please Note. The University of Adelaide is unable to provide an assessment of eligibility for candidature and/or a scholarship until a formal application is submitted and assessed. We strongly recommend that all applicants submit their application and all required documents well before the closing date.

Please Note. Late and incomplete applications at the scholarship application deadline will not be considered for a scholarship.


For a compilation of commonly asked questions regarding international higher degree by research scholarship applications and also for further information regarding eligibility requirements for international postgraduate research scholarships, please access this web address:


For more information on the Admission and/or scholarship application process, please visit this webpage:



The Adelaide Scholarships International consists of 3 rounds: Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3.

  • ROUND 1:

Intake/Commencement: Semester 1, 2019 intake.

Last Day to Apply: 31 August 2018.

Last Day to Enroll: 30 June 2019.

Anticipated Outcome Notification: Early November 2018.


  • ROUND 2:

Intake/Commencement: Semester 1 or Semester 2, 2019 intake.

Last Day to Apply: 15 February 2019.

Last Day to Enroll: 31 August 2019 (Successful scholarship applicants in round 2 will be required to commence studies by 31 August; however if the applicant only holds an offer for admission for the semester 1 intake he/she will be required to commence studies by 30 June).

Anticipated Outcome Notification: Mid April 2019.

  • ROUND 3:

Intake/Commencement: Semester 2, 2019 intake.

Last Day to Apply: 30 April 2019.

Last Day to Enroll: 30 November 2019.

Anticipated Outcome Notification: Early July 2019.

Please Note: All scholarships must be taken up in the round in which they are offered. Applicants are expected to commence studies as soon as possible in the approved semester.


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